Parisian stuffed pizza "Parigina"

A classic product of Neapolitan rotisserie, the "Parigina". I made it my own way, adding some

smoked cheese, locally produced (Bel Faito, Patierno dairy, which produces excellent quality dairy products) alternating with sliced ​​cooked ham, tomato sauce, mozzarella of the day before, Parmigiano Reggiano ( a hard, granular cheese, often imited). Here is my recipe, made with a very soft dough, and puff pastry ready.

  •     300 g of 00 flour reinforced (w280)
  •       20 g of lard or oil
  •         7 g of salt up
  •     180 g of milk or even water
  •         8 g of brewer's yeast

Knead the flour with milk and baking powder, adding the milk a little at a time, until the dough is strung. After 10 minutes add the lard and salt. Work well to obtain an elastic and very soft dough. Let rise for about two hours. Spread at 6 mm, or if you prefer higher than 1 cm, the dough forming a disk or a rectangle of about 30 cm in diameter. Put it in a pan to rise again for one hour.

Prepare a sauce of cooked cherry tomatoes with a little oil and browned garlic, cooking it for 15 minutes.

Furthermore, we need:
  •   300 g of mozzarella (from past day)
  •   150 g of sliced ​​smoked ham
  •   150 g of smoked cheese cut by machine
  •   puff pastry(foil)
  •   egg beaten to brush

Spread the tomato sauce on the leavened focaccia, cover with the slices of ham, a little parmesan, the mozzarella and finally the cheese spun aff. Cover with the pastry dough and seal the edges well. Brush with beaten egg. Put the "parisian" in the freezer for 15 minutes (so the dough rolls better) and bake at 200 ° for about 15/18 minutes. It is excellent both hot and cold.

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Well done, this Pizza is really delicious ! Ready to export ...